If you like to jump straight to the commands, head over to List of commands instead.

This segment is meant to cover the basic navigations after login, to help new users get started, in exploring around.

Basic Webstudio Navigation

When you login to the platform - you will be directed to the team spaces dashboard.

Spaces Dashboard

From here you can select any of the existing project (like the one highlighted red)

Select a project

Once selected, you will be brought over the the project editor.

Which is split into 3 segments.

  • The left file navigator
  • the center code editor, and
  • the right results viewer panel.
Editor Overview

In the left file navigator panel. You can either

  • open/close it by clicking on the workspace button
  • add a file or folder, using one of the icons at the top
  • select any file in the project (the currently selected file is highlight in green)
Workspace Panel

You can also perform several actions on a file, such as rename, delete or move by clicking on its triple dot icon beside the respective file, and selecting the respectively.

File Menu

Alternatively in the left panel, you can navigate an inbuilt tutorial

  • open/close the learn tab, by clicking on the learn button.
  • navigate the learn guide using the top bar
  • follow the tutorial content, and executes its scripts with the Try It buttons

This is incredibly useful for new users to learn the various basic commands.

Learn Tab

Once you have a file selected, in the file panel. The respective file will be loaded into the editor, where you can freely modify your scripts

Script Pane

Once you are happy with your script, you can execute it using the right results viewer panel, which consist of the following

  • various browser and resolution options, and the run button
  • a screenshot preview of the current/selected test step
  • a list of various test steps executed (by run), and its overall results
Results Pane

Further more, you can generate various sharable reports based on the test results using the download button

Download report button

Alternatively, you can click on the share button, to generate a sharable link containing only the test result. Which you can let other users see - without login. Useful to put into bug reports, etc.

Share Button
Share Widget

Finally in the top panel, you can access the following

  • List of various projects
  • List of currently running tests
  • The test editor
  • Scheduled test jobs
  • Run history, and project settings
  • This help doc
Project Navigation

At this point you should have enough, to start following the various tutorials, and explore the various list of commands.

And more impotantly, enough to start write your own test.

So feel free to explore around, and start testing.

~ Cheers!