Export Test Script

Use the export command to export everything from a project .

uilicious-cli export <project_name> <save_to_local_directory> -u <username> -p <password>


In this project, called "Little Pet Store" have these scripts:

-- Little Pet Store
   |-- profile
       |-- change name
       |--  ...
   |-- login
   |-- ...

To export all test scripts including folders from this project, the command line would be like this:

uilicious-cli -u john -p supersecretpassword export "Little Pet Store" "/home/user/testScripts/"

Once you run the following command, go to /home/user/testScripts/ and you will find the exported test scripts as shown above.


If you want to see the export details you can enable the verbose mode using :

uilicious-cli export "Little Pet Store" "/home/user/location_to_save_tests/" --verbose -u john -p supersecretpassword