Set test data during runs


Set test data with a json string:

uilicious-cli run <project_name> <script_path> --dataObject <test_data_as_json_string> -u <username> -p <password>

Set test data with a file:

uilicious-cli run <project_name> <script_path> --dataFile <test_data_file> -u <username> -p <password>


You can set the test data for your tests during test runs.

Define your test data variables in the DATA object in your tests, for example:

I.fill("Username", DATA.username);
I.fill("Password", DATA.pwd);"Login");

Provide the actual test data as a json string in the --dataObject parameter when running test using the CLI:

uilicious-cli run "Little Pet Store" "Login" --dataObject '{"url":"", "username": "bruce", "pwd": "supersecretpassword"}' -u john -p supersecretpassword

You can also load the test data from a file.

  "username": "john",
  "pwd": "supersecretpassword"
uilicious-cli run "Little Pet Store" "Login" --dataFile data-john.json -u john -p supersecretpassword