Using Javascript in Tests

UI-licious is built on Javascript, so you can go crazy with variables, functions, loops and conditionals!

You can use this to build more complex tests.

// function to click on a button for n times.
function clickNext(n){
  for(var i = 0; i < n; i++){“Next”);

// click on the "Next" button 10 times;

Using conditionals with assertion commands

All assertion commands return true or false, which you can combine it with if...else... conditional statements to handle more complex scenarios, e.g.:

if(I.see$("In stock")){"Add to cart")

In the example above, the test will only click on "Add to cart" if the text "In stock" is visible on the page.

Here's another example:


This test performs a check to see if the element with the "promo-banner" class appears, and then clicks on the "Close" button to dismiss it.

Note that in both examples, we use I.see$ instead of I.see. Adding the $ behind I.see will suppress the error that will normally be thrown if the element is not visible on the page. This works on any command.