Write your first test

Getting Started with UIlicious

The UIlicious platform is used in this quick start guide.

What is UIlicious?

UIlicious is a simple tool for testing your website and validating user journeys.

Use it to test your web apps to ensure that your users do not encounter unexpected failures. For example, during crucial user flows, a user could be registering for an account or completing their order.

Let's start testing your website and ensure you deliver a perfect experience to your users.

Quick Start

In this quick-start tutorial, you will learn how to create a basic login test.

  1. Sign up for UI-licious
  2. Create a Project
  3. Set up our First Test
  4. Learn Basic Commands
  5. Write our First Test

Step 1: Sign up for UI-licious

You need a UIlicious account to start testing. Sign up for an account hereopen in new window.

Step 2: Create a Project

Once logged into UIlicious, click the + Project button to create a new Project.

Enter a name for the project, and click the "Create" button.

Enter a name for the project

Step 3: Set up our First Test

Now, that we have named our first project, we will need to name our first test, and add the URL of the website we want to test.

Let's name our test, myfirstScript.

For the rest of the tutorial, we will use https://www.amazon.comopen in new window for our test.

Type in the URL: https://www.amazon.com/open in new window.

Setting up your first test in UI-licious requires a new test name and the URL of the website.

Then, click the blue Add button.

Click the blue Add button to add your first test to your Workspace in UI-licious. Your Workspace will display your user tests.

Step 4: Basic Commands

Let's get started with our user journey with some basic commands.

Basic commands are used to automate basic user interactions with web applications.

For example, a user visits a page, fills in forms, clicks buttons, and checks to see if a particular text is visible.

We will use the most common commands for testing most of your web applications.

I.goToNavigate to a URL
I.clickClick on things on the site
I.fillFill in input boxes
I.seeAssert that something is seen, typically, a message.

Step 5: Write our First Test

First, let's have our user visit https://www.amazon.comopen in new window using the I.goTo command.

Use the I.goTo command in the white box of the UIlicious platform to visit a website.

Next, we want our user to click the yellow Sign in button on the current page.

I.click("Sign in")
Use the I.click command in the white box of the UIlicious platform to click on something on the website.

Use our disposable email service, https://inboxkitten.com/open in new window, to test the user sign-up flows in your online apps.

Now, let's have our user log in using their email.

To specify where we want to fill in the form, we can use the following commands:

I.fill("Email","[email protected]")
Use the I.fill and I.click command to fill in user information.

Use the same commands for Password.

I.click("Sign in")

Now, let's confirm we have logged into our account. Use the I.see command to check that we see the name "Bruce".

I.see("Hello, Bruce")

Click the Blue Run button.

Our test is a success!

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