Release Notes

Studio / Test Engine


Released on 3 Jan 2018

🚀 New Features:
  • Documentation Tab: Now you can view this documentation site with UI-licious Studio with your tests side-by-side
💪 Enhancements:
  • Internal changes to improve the performance of the application and test engine.
  • Prettier web reports for your scheduled tests.
  • You can specify the full path when creating or moving a file or folder. All intermediate folders to the destination path will be automatically created.


Released on 9 November 2017

💪 Enhancements:
  • Editor Tab:
    • Improved resolutions dropdown in Run pane - group resolutions by device class, and label resolutions by common screen size names
    • Display folder path in Script pane title bar
    • New tests/files/folders will be created as siblings to the currently selected test/file on the Directory pane.
    • When a folder is selected on the Directory pane, the Script pane will not navigate away to a blank page.
🐞 Fixes
  • Editor Tab:
    • Fixed: Script pane does not automatically display the new test after creation, when test is created by clicking on the "Create Test" button on the blank Script pane.
    • Fixed: Tests get overridden when the switching between tests while a test is being saved


Released on 11 October 2017

🚀 New Features:
  • Scheduled tests: You can schedule tests to run automatically, and send email alerts when there's an error.
💪 Enhancements:
  • Reports now show you the total time taken for the entire tests.
  • Changes to the color scheme to improve contrast and visibility.


Released on 28 September 2017

  • Improved I.upload command to better handle hidden <input type=file> fields
  • Improved command to support active elements within <iframe> and <frame> elements


Released on 9 September 2017

  • Improved CSS selector support for I.fill command


Released on 25 August 2017

  • Improved command - Better identification of target element with option parameter alone
  • Improved support for testing within <frame> elements


Released on 21 August 2017

Breaking Changes

  • When opens a page in a new tab, the browser will be automatically switched to it.
    • If you are using I.switchTab to switch tabs after, you can remove I.switchTab, or (not recommended) add TEST.autoSwitchTab = false or TEST.autoSwitchTabOff() to the start of your test scripts to disable this behavior.


  • You can set the max duration to attempt a command before raising an error with the TEST.commandTimeout setting.

New Commands:

  • Refresh a page: I.refreshPage
  • Scrolling a page: I.scrollBy, I.scrollTo, I.scrollToTop, I.scrollToBottom
  • ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A
    Shortcuts to press arrow keys: I.pressUp, I.pressDown, I.pressLeft, I.pressRight

New Configurations:

  • You can set the max duration to attempt a command before raising an error with the TEST.commandTimeout setting.
  • You can enable / disable automatic screenshots taken during test runs with the TEST.autoScreenshot flag.
  • You can enable / disable automatic tab switching when new tab is open with the TEST.autoSwitchTab flag.
  • Condensed the project directory, so you can see more.
  • Asset optimizations to improve load time
  • Separate runner pane from script pane so that the runner pane doesn't reload as you switch between different scripts which can be annoying during test runs.
  • Fixed: Layout of UI-licious Studio is broken on Safari.
  • Fixed: Error moving files to project root.


Released on 21 June 2017

  • Added support for testing Web Components! Polymer is now a supported framework. Woohoo!
  • Added I.grabText command to read a text from an element in a web page to use as an input variable for subsequent test commands:
    // example usage:
    I.see("Thank you for ordering from UI-licious pizza. Your order number is"); // you have finished ordering pizza
    var orderId = I.grabText("#orderId"); // read the text from the #orderId element on the webpage
    I.goTo("/orders"); // go to your order history page;
  • Added CSS class selector and XPATH support for command
    • It is recommended that you use these sparingly, because it would make your tests harder to maintain.
  • Fixed: support on Firefox
  • Fixed: Studio briefly flashes when a project or a test loads.


Released on 03 May 2017

  • Added a chat box so that you can talk to our technical team!
  • Added shorter commands to save keystrokes:
  • Added I.switchTab to switch to webpages that open in a new window or tab
  • Added I.filled command to assert the value of a textual input field
  • Powered up the I.goTo command. Now you can navigate to pages with paths relative to the current url. For example:
I.goTo("/toys"); // this will navigate to
  • Powered up the I.fill command. It's now better at identifying input fields. Now it handles non-semantic field labels.
  • Capture screenshots every second during I.wait command. Now you can watch lolcats videos at 1FPS in UI-licious
  • Shortened the timeout when a command fails from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • You can move files and folders.
  • Sort file and folders by name.
  • Folders can be collapsed/expanded to hide/show their contents. They will be collapsed by default.
  • More condensed report - so that you will have to scroll less while reading very long test run reports.
  • You are no longer allowed to enter the following characters in your project/folder/file names: / ? % * : | < > "

  • Fixed: Test report summary gets scrolled out of view when report is very long. We've fixed the position of the test report summary so that it doesn't happen.


Released on 28 Feb 2017

  • Test Engine
    • Commands added
      • I.upload - Uploads a file to a file input field
      • I.selected - Checks if an select / radio / checkbox option is selected
      • I.deselected - Checks if an select / radio / checkbox option is deselected
      • - Allows tests to call other tests
  • Studio
    • Support nested directory structure in project workspace
    • Support file upload
    • Improvements to test run preview:
      • Show summary when test run is complete
      • Show the latest screenshot while test is running in case of long running steps
      • Autoscroll to selected steps
      • Select steps using up/down arrow keys
    • Add mobile resolutions to test run configurations


Released on 8 Feb 2017

  • Test Engine
    • Commands added
      • I.goTo - Navigate to a page.
      • I.amAt - Check that the browser is at a given url.
      • - Click on an element.
      • I.see - Check that a given text can be seen.
      • I.dontSee - Ensure that a text cannot be seen.
      • I.fillField - Fill an input field with a given value.
      • - Select an option.
      • I.deselect - Unselect an option.
    • Test runs supported on both Chrome & Firefox browsers
  • Studio
    • Test script editor
      • Editor for writing test scripts
    • Test run preview
      • Trigger a test run and show the steps executed and screenshots for each step

Command Line Interface


  • Show summary of test run errors in test run report.


  • Fixed: Error running scripts in nested folders, e.g. /folder_a/folder_b/test_c


  • Add list command to list projects.


  • Add run command to run a script.