List of commands

Command Description
I.goTo Navigate to a URL
I.refreshPage Refresh a page
I.switchTab Switch Tab

URL assertion commands

Command Description
I.amAt Assert that the browser is at a specific URL

Form input commands

Command Description
I.fill Fill a text field with a value Select a dropdown / checkbox / radio button
I.deselect Deselect a checkbox
I.upload Upload a file to a file field

Form assertion commands

Command Description
I.filled Assert that the form is filled with a specific value
I.selected Assert that a dropdown option, checkbox, or radio button is selected
I.deselected Assert that a dropdown option, checkbox, or radio button is NOT selected

Mouse commands

Command Description
Click or double click on an element
I.scrollBy Scrolls the page horizontally and vertically by a given number of pixels.
I.scrollUp Scrolls the page up by a given number of pixels
I.scrollDown Scrolls the page down by a given number of pixels
I.scrollLeft Scrolls the page left by a given number of pixels
I.scrollRight Scrolls the page right by a given number of pixels
I.scrollTo Scrolls to a coordinate on the page
I.scrollToTop Scroll to the top of the page
I.scrollToBottom Scroll to the bottom of the page

Keyboard commands

Command Description
Press a key or a string of keys
I.pressEnter Press the Enter key
I.pressUp Press the ↑ key
I.pressDown Press the ↓ key
I.pressLeft Press the ← key
I.pressRight Press the → key
I.pressTab Press the Tab key

Validate page content

Command Description
I.see Assert that an text or element is visible
I.dontSee Assert that an text or element is NOT visible
I.count Assert the number of occurances for a text or element

Page content extraction commands

Command Description
I.getCount Get the number of occurances of a text or element
I.getText Get text content from an element
I.getValue Get value from an input element

Alert commands

Command Description
I.seeAlert Assert that an alert is displayed, and/or that an expected message is displayed on the alert.
I.acceptAlert Press the "Ok" button on the alert
I.cancelAlert Press the "Cancel" button on the alert
I.fillAlert Fill the text box on the alert

Utility commands

Command Description
I.wait Wait for a given amount of time

Generate sample data

Command Description Generates a random string useful for IDs and passwords

Sequence commands

Command Description Runs another test

Screenshot commands

Command Description
TEST.takeFullScreenshot Take a full page screenshot (Safari & IE only)

Reporting commands

Command Description Log a message to report
TEST.log.pass Log a message to report with pass status Log a message to report with fail status

Limiting test scope

Command Description
UI.context Limit the test to run on specific parts of a page

Execute Javascript

Command Description
UI.execute Executes Javascript on the browser
Command Description
UI.COOKIE.set Set a cookie on the current page
UI.COOKIE.isSet Assert the presence of a cookie
UI.COOKIE.isEqual Assert the value of a cookie
UI.COOKIE.delete Delete a cookie
UI.COOKIE.deleteAll Delete all cookies